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If you run a business that has locations distributed in Forest Hills New York, MPLS can help you make more money as an enterprise. Bold statement? Yes. With MPLS you can tie all of your locations together, eliminate carrier hardware in your telecom closet, and prioritize all of your data traffic so that voice and video run flawlessly - even when the network is at its busiest.

Compare MPLS to Other Alternatives

MPLS $0 Carrier based security YES cost +$30
Client-side VPN $500 Office based hardware security NO cost +$15
Frame Relay $5000 Carrier based security YES cost +$1500

What Problems does MPLS Solve?

Multiprotocol Label Switching is a flexible, cost-effective wide area network solution for linking all of your locations via a secure and scalable network infrastructure. Advantages of MPLS include:
  • VPNs - Using MPLS, service providers can create IP tunnels throughout their network, without the need for encryption or end-user applications. In addition, MPLS is protected by carrier-based security. With VPNs, if one gets hacked your entire network is vulerable.

  • Network Efficiency - Label based switching methods allow routers to make forwarding decisions based upon the contents of a simple label, rather than by performing a complex route lookup using the destination's IP address.

  • Traffic Engineering - The ability to set the path traffic will take through the network and the ability to set performance characteristics for a class of traffic (voice, video, email, internet traffic, etc.)

How This Site Works

To find out if MPLS is something that meets your needs and budget, simply enter your information in the form to the right. Tell us about your network, your business, and upload your location list. Our system will do the rest.

Within 24 hours you will receive a call from one of our MPLS network specialists who will conduct a brief 5-minute interview and, using our proprietary MPLS research tool called GeoQuote, find the top three carriers that best match your profile. Quotes from these carriers will come back in 2-3 business days, depending on their current workload.

Once you make your decision, your MPLS network specialist will assist you with the order process and make sure the installation of your new network goes smoothly. This is all we do - so rest assured knowing that you have an industry expert on your side when dealing with the carrier of your choice.

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What Our Customers Say

"With the current state of our economy, I decided it was time for my business to invest in an MPLS network that could better support video conferencing and voip to help cut down on travel-related expenses and to improve productivity. I found this site using Google and put in a request for a quote for my 84 locations. Within a few minutes I received a phone call from a gentleman named Tim. He was very helpful, polite, and easy to do business with. We sent out a quote on my behalf to three of the ’best fit’ carriers and within 2 days I had two very good proposals sitting on my desk. Tim helped me make a choice, assisted me with the paperwork, and it’s been smooth sailing from there. Thanks!"

Nicole Winters - Forest Hills, New York

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